History and benefits of belly dancing in pregnancy

29th March 2016


Belly dance and childbirth have a long history, so it is shocking to find out how very little documentation has actually been done on the two in unison.

It is known to some as the birth dance. In some cultures this birth dance was a rite of passage as it originated in the Middle East so many centuries ago. In those days it was a more private dance done primarily in the women’s quarters, bit today it is far more publicly acceptable.

Belly dance was taught to young girls as a means of preparation path the onset of or during their pre-pubescent period. Most girls began their learning of the art following their first cycle.

Belly dancing was believed to reduce the trauma to both mother and child. This was a very reverend passing that bonded women deeply. It was an encouraging dance, and many times women would gather around the laboring mom to be and dance to encourage her to imitate them. The dances were said to soothe the mother while lessening her pain. It also helped the baby along the birth canal.

Today mothers practice the art of belly dance to relax and stay fit. It is a no impact fluid exercise that is safe for mom and baby alike. It is great for stretching and muscle tone while maintaining optimal health. Everyone knows a mother who works out lightly during pregnancy us said to have an easier delivery and get back to their pre-birth weight faster.

In many ways belly dancing is still allowing women to focus, relax and give birth faster with less pain even though there is not normally a host of women dancing around them nowadays. The toned body will respond better meaning trauma is also reduced in modern times with belly dance being introduced during pregnancy.

Practicing dance movements during labor helped the mother to relax. The women dancing around her also encouraged the laboring mother to remain calm and focused. Relaxing her body and remaining focused, the mother was able to minimize pain, discomfort and damage to her own body as she gave birth to her baby.

Traditional childbirth is fading away. Many women have a method from water births to midwife assisted births and belly dance just to name some themed births. The birth dance is growing on popularity, and mothers who tried it swear by it.

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