How belly dancing can help you achieve your fitness goals

30th March 2016

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Belly dancing to fitness has been around a while, but it just recently hit the mainstream. Dancing to lose weight is a spectacular and fun idea that is working for thousands across the globe, but for many years belly dancing for weight loss was a well-kept secret.

Once the fitness centers realized that when losing weight is made fun and engaging it is far more likely to be maintained they jumped on the idea of structured dance based classes to lose weight. People have taken to the idea in droves. Not only are they losing the weight, but they are keeping it off. Belly dancing and weight loss is a fun idea that is really working, and it is not a high impact class! This particular style is a great way to target some hard areas like the hips, thighs, belly and torso. Anyone can do it.

Not only is belly dancing amazing for all of your muscle groups, flexibility and overall physique, but it is an excellent cardiovascular workout too. Belly dancing helps with strength, tone, cardio health, stress reduction and so much more hence aiding to your wellbeing and overall health.

Belly dancing also helps to improve flexibility, mobility and flexibility. Circulation is improved greatly leading to more stamina and endurance. Statistics even show that belly dancing had reduced many people’s cholesterol levels and blood pressure reducing their risk of heart disease.

There are specific motions that go along with belly dancing that emphasize core control and the proper posture. Surprisingly, a typical hip roll works more muscles that one may imagine. This is a great way to work the abdomen, hips and lower back without joint strain becoming an issue.

Unlike higher impact dancing or fitness classes, belly dancing actually strengthens the joints too. This is a spectacular class for an again individual or someone wanting to fight the effects of becoming older.

Take for instance the Egyptian’s version of belly dance, Raks sharki. You could burn 300 calories an hour depending on the workout intensity. Others refer to belly dance as a middle eastern or an oriental dance.

Regardless of what you refer to belly dance as or which style you choose, all you really need are a 30 minute class daily and a good diet to get into great shape both inside and out. Plus it is fun! How can you not give it a try?

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