Most famous belly dancers

30th March 2016

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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I would like to say talent as well. No one would be able to say who the best belly dancer is but most definitely there are very popularly great belly dancers around. We can start with perhaps the most popular Amelia Zidane. She is also the brain behind the conception and execution of the World Belly Dance Championship Competition.

There are a lot of very talented belly dancers all over the world, and their dancing styles are quite different from each other. The western world has been captivated by this dance form as early as the 18th century. The very popular Latina artist Shakira gets the credit in bring belly dancing to the pop culture mainstream, something that has set her apart from the other pop artists.

In America, one very talented belly dancer stands out and her name is American Rachel Brice. She has become an icon in belly dancing hybrid styles. This belly dancing style has paved the way for the introduction and eventual popularity of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. A lot of belly dancing fans are intrigued by her serpentine dancing style and she is quite professional in all her exotic shows. Her belly dancing costumes are some of the best that you can see in the industry. She dances very unique but well-choreographed pieces that usually captivate the audience.

Although most westerners are tagged as not being that dedicated and passionate about professional belly dancing, Rachel Brice is most definitely an exception. She really understands the music and she internalizes in in all of her shows, sometimes even more than other dancers who come from the Middle East.

Another very talented western belly dancer performer is Sadie Marquardt from Wisconsin. She is considered by many as the best in Derbake Solo dancer, type of belly dance that mixes Tahitian, Indian, Brazilian Samba and oriental styles of Belly Dance. Sadie even made it to the quarter finals of America’s Got Talent Season 5. She is known for her amazingly perfect hip control which is always she in sync with the music. She always displays great foot work and balance while keeping her grace in dancing.

Other equally popular belly dancers are Isidora Bushkovski who is also known as Izzy and Sera Solstice. There are also a number of Russian and Ukrainian belly dancers who have made names for themselves in the belly dancing field.

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