Spice Up Your Next Event with Belly Dancer Hire in Melbourne!

If you want to find some unique entertainment for your next event – you can! Thanks to Golden Sands, it is easy to get in touch with the most exquisite belly dancers for hire in all of Melbourne.

Whether you want to hire one for a birthday party, or want to learn how to do it for yourself, all it takes is one phone call to get belly dancer hire today!

Golden Sands is the centre of belly dance in Melbourne—this is where the best of the best come to learn their skills. Princess Jasmina’s AML Golden Sands Studios is the perfect place to find professional belly dancers for every occasion in groups or individuals.

We regularly perform at weddings, hafla parties, kitchen tea parties, hens nights, festivals and all other types of occasions or parties. You can hire groups or individual dancers who will give your party or event an exotic atmosphere like no other form of entertainment can. Belly dancers are experienced in Mediterranean, Balkan, Middle Eastern & European dance; all very sensual and exotic, perfect for any event.

Hire a belly dancer for festivals and functions

Princess Jasmina has danced in all kinds of shows and displays. She continues to perform as a regular professional belly dancer in Melbourne club venues, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, festivals, cultural events, university open-day festivals, receptions, weddings, engagements, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, circumcision celebrations, private parties, corporate functions, RSLs and Television.

Solo Performances

Call us now for an exciting, sensual and sizzlingly fast LIVE SOLO PERFORMANCE from one of Melbourne’s hottest and most sought after belly dance sensations PRINCESS JASMINA! She is the ideal guest artist to have at your next event or celebration: Wedding Celebration, Engagement Party, Kitchen Tea Party, Hafla Party, HENS PARTY, Birthday Party, Christening, Circumcision Celebration, Dance Festival, Music Festival, Arts Festival, Exhibition, Concert, Night (Venue) Club Party, Night (Venue) Bar Party, etc

Princess Jasmina’s live solo performances:

  • Live, energetic belly dancing
  • Princess Jasmina performs in All styles and genres: Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, Gypsy, Egyptian, Indian, Arabic, African Tribal, European Folkloric, Latin, Samba and Bollywood.
  • Highly professional, artistically skilled
  • Beautiful and elegant presence!
  • Props used in her performances: Veil, 1 to 4 Swords, Wings, Zills, Cane, tarabuca (tabla drum), Tef (skinned tambourine), daggers, shamadan (candelabra)
  • Interaction and involvement with audience participation
  • Table and chair dancing
  • Indoor and outdoor (except in cold and wet weather climates)
  • Small or large scale dance floors and/or on-stage solo performance routines (non-choreographed)
  • Dance to CD music compilations and/or CD long tracks & audio tape backing
  • Improvised belly dance to live orchestra and/or live band


Hire belly dancers as a duo, trio and more

Princess Jasmina & Chris are currently Melbourne’s most highly requested duo. Their show caters for live floorshows at big receptions, corporate functions, celebrations and parties. Both belly dancers complement each other’s skills with years of experience behind them. The female and male duo is a much requested combination to
please all onlookers.

Their dance is high-charged with loads of fun and excitement, skill and audience interaction. their presentation and services are very professional and respectable. Both dancers are dressed in colourful belly dance costumes and animated with varying props listed above. Clients may request a preference of costume colour and props preferred at their celebration.

We also cater for an all-female cast of dancers should clients make the proposed request. Our dancers are very professional, exciting, fast, and highly skilled in their craft. They are beautiful and very appealing in appearance.

Belly dance troupe

Why not consider surprising your guests with a bigger surprise by booking a live belly dancer troupe show with Princess Jasmina, Chris and the Golden Sands Bellyrinas. Our performances are colourful, highly skilled, and well presented with exotic feminine beauty. Shows are animated with props, original troupe choreographies and improvised dances.

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