From  July 1 2006  The Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios wishes to advise all belly dance students
of the following: 

Lesson Payments are to be exchanged at the beginning of the belly dance lesson or class and not at the termination of lesson unless a mutual agreement between student and teacher has been previously reached and made between both parties!

NB: Exemptions from the loss of lesson(s) in the 6 week lesson package will only be granted and  applied when students: 

1 Are gravely ill with accompanying medical certificate 
2 Face a very serious and unexpected emergency situation requiring immediate attention (eg. serious road accident, hospitalisation emergency) 
3 Will have already notified the teacher via telephone or mobile or in person and made a mutual agreement at least 8 hours or more prior to the appointed lesson time whether to fulfil or postpone the appointment to another lesson within the week or following week. Both teacher and pupil – once aware of given reasons  for uncertainties as to the attendance and completion of the lesson – will reach a mutual agreement and reappoint another suitable date and time.
4 Student Lateness!!! Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios also announces to students that when a student arrives late at the agreed appointed time of a belly dance lesson the belly dance teacher is not obliged to recuperate time for the student’s lateness.
5 The Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios also announces to students that when the teacher arrives late at the appointed belly dance lesson time the teacher will be obliged to complete the full 1 hour lesson duration.


After the completion of 1 lesson or more of the “Private” or “Open” Group 6 lesson package there will be NO REFUNDS!!! should the student decide to discontinue class attendance. Each student is thereafter required to attend the remainder of lessons stipulated in the Group Lesson plan agreement ( ie. minimum 1 lesson or more attendances per fortnight )  Failure to attend  the minimum of 1 class per fortnight (save the exception outlined in point number 2 above without prior notification of at least 8 hours or more) signifies the loss of 1 lesson from the Group Lesson Package.

NOTE: A student is only REFUNDED their money (on request) if it was payed in advance and the cancellation of their 6 lesson package occurs prior to the established date of the first lesson commencement. It is every student’s responsibility to ensure their presence at each exact given lesson date and time. Any lateness on the part of the student will entail NO EXTRA time to the group lesson duration. Lateness on the part of the Teacher/Organiser will not be examined or questioned. NOTE: The teacher’s lateness will neither influence nor detract from the students’ belly dance lesson time duration as the full hour will still be implemented and carried out.

In the One-to-One Private Belly Dance Tuition Programme students are required to pay for the services of tuition either at the commencement or completion of the lesson unless a different system of payment or settlement is agreed upon between teacher and student/student representative party(ies) before tuition services are commenced and exchanged.

CANCELLATION!!! of a Private Belly Dance Lesson appointment without prior notice of at least 8 hours or more of the agreed lesson time will require the payment of AU$30.00 whether completed or not completed. Refusal to pay on the part of the student owing will warrant Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios the right and authority to cease tuition services with the student individual.

FAILURE TO ATTEND!!! belly dance lesson appointment

without any prior notice of at least 8 hours or more of the agreed lesson time in the One-to-One Private belly dance Tuition programme will require the payment of AU$40.00. Refusal to pay on the part of the student owing will warrant Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios the right to cease tuition services with the student individual.

Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios reserves the right and authority to cancel and reschedule lesson appointments suited to both the Studio Teacher/Organiser and student(s).

The studio Teacher/Organiser will not tolerate from any students bad or foul language, violent physical or verbal behaviour, repetitious distractive behaviour ( towards Teacher/Organiser and other students ), personal student criticisms and/or opinions subjected towards the teacher or other students’ belly dancing, violent threats (directed either at the studio Teacher/Organiser or at studio fellow students ), regular bad punctuality and offensive indecent physical gesture and/or indecent physical contact with the Studio Teacher/Organiser or studio fellow students. Any such behaviour from any student/s will warrant Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios the immediate right and authority to cancel services with the individual/s and deeming the Studio not obliged to refund the financial sum of the outstanding number of uncompleted lessons.

The Teacher/Organiser and the Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios  reserve the right and authority to select whichever appropriate teaching method or technical teaching approach and the use of belly dance aids and materials they view necessary to achieve the technical belly dance successes they consider appropriate for the betterment and improvement of each student individual’s belly dance study development. The studios and Teacher/Organiser assume no responsibility for the student’s inability to achieve developmental results when:

I the student lacks dance practice and completion of homework exercises
II there is evident failure to attend belly dance classes
III there are personal student health issues (eg.  severe physical injuries )
IV the individual suffers apparent emotional (eg. emotional
trauma, depression, convulsive trauma, etc.) and psychological
or mental pathological conditions
V the student exhibits a lack of cooperation towards the
teacher’s requests and refuses the teacher’s guidance
and directions
VI students have bad drug addictions or are on strong medication
programs causing energy fluctuations and affecting the
body’s overall quality performance stamina and capabilities )
VII students exhibit lack of concentration and focus in class or
are unwilling to participate partially or fully in the designated
tasks set forth by the belly dance Instructor

Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios will also endeavour to find professional work for its students should any opportunities arise. The studio and Teacher/Organiser reserve all rights in selecting the appropriate belly dance applicant for the proposed work vacancy and will not be influenced by any external challenge or criticism in its final decision. The studio will be financially compensated after each job or repeated employment with a percentage % sum of the total gross or net amount (whichever in agreement between parties) forwarded to the performer representative by the employer.

If after the completion of the first lesson in the ‘Open and Private Belly dance Group Lesson’ categories, a student for some particular reason finds him/herself in a very serious and medically unfit state and is incapable of continuing the belly dance course package (eg. Major car accident, post-surgical withdrawal symptoms, hospitalising care conditions, etc.) then on request if desired by the student or student representative the Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios will refund the remainder of the uncompleted lessons . However this does not apply for Note: normal cold or flu virus sufferers or allergic sufferers. There will be no refund for missed or uncompleted lessons in these or similar cases or circumstances. The Teacher will make a decision according to each case whether some of the missing lessons may still be recuperated after bout of illness.  

The Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios wishes to inform all booking clients (for belly dance performances) that on verbal confirmation or agreement or written confirmation
or agreement (eg. Email, telephone etc.) they have committed to the booking completely. Should the booking party alternatively cancel the booking at a later time and date betweenbooking date and leading up to prior booking time and date or decide to cancel during the performance then a cancellation fee of $100.00 plus G.S.T will apply immediately without delay either in cash, by direct deposit bank transfer, cheque or whichever other form of payment suited to booking client and the Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios. The Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios makes this condition very clear to all respective clients and wishes to inform all clients that this charge is reserved only to protect the business from lost possible bookings from other potential clients who could and might have possibly taken the same pre-booked time and day for their own event but lost the opportunity. Also a cancellation becomes a lost opportunity for the business itself. Performers also lose other possible bookings and other regular work (through organising replacements to cover for their absences at other appointments) in order to accommodate for a scheduled booking which has been cancelled. The Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios thanks all clients for their understanding and co-operation.

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