What to Bring to a Belly Dance Workshop

30th March 2016

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The best investment to make is in you, which is why more and more people today are signing up to go to the gym, aerobic classes and belly dancing lessons. In fact, for women, belly dancing is one of the best exercise activities to participate in for trimming off unwanted inches from the tummy area. If you are new to this kind of activity, then you will need to know what to bring to a belly dance workshop or class.

What to Bring to a Belly Dance Workshop

If you have signed up for a belly dancing class or workshop, then you are probably excited to get your hips swinging. Like most women who are new to this type of exotic dance, no doubt you want to make sure you’re not ill prepared for your first lesson. So, what to bring to a belly dance workshop? If you haven’t talked to your instructor yet, or it hasn’t been made clear which items you should bring with you to your first lesson, then here are the basic belly dancing items that are used everywhere.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Although you may have seen belly dancers wearing exotic clothing during belly dancing classes, a costume isn’t a requirement. You may bring one if you want to. What are required; however, are comfortable fitting clothes like jogging attire. It’s important that the instructor is able to see your waist during the class. Wearing any type of comfortable clothing is acceptable, as long as it is not too revealing.

Comfortable Shoes or Sandals

Wear comfortable shoes or dance sandals. Belly dance lessons will have you moving around a lot and you will be on your feet for some time, so it is important to be comfortable.

Water and Snacks

Developing hypnotic hips isn’t easy, it’s hard strenuous work. You will need to ensure that you are properly hydrated to make it through the class, so bring enough water with you. You also want to bring some healthy snacks. Why? Because having energy bars, or food that provides a boast of energy, will help you get through your lessons.

Hip Scarf

A traditional hip scarf with a fringed shawl, which includes decorative coins, is a standard item at any belly dancing workshop. If you are taking classes at a dance studio, most likely they sell them at the front counter. All of these above mentioned items are what you bring to a belly dancing workshop, but don’t be afraid if you are lacking anything during your fist class, your instructor will help you obtain whatever you are lacking.

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