Princess Jasmina’s family origins bear an appealing blend of Mediterranean, Balkan, Middle Eastern & European nationalities which have permitted her to discover invigorating influences that have led her to true passion and commitment toward the art of belly dancing. On hearing the playing of the tabla/tarabukka , as a young girl she would surrender herbody totally to its entrancing sounds and rhythms abandoning her movements freely to its beat. Her love and experience of traditional Indian, Turkish and Arabic cinema ignited in her a nostalgic wish to belly dance and to act like the actresses in the films she saw throughout her life. She started taking acting classes at a ‘Youth Academy for Acting’ while never losing focus and passion for the gypsy drum.

Always passionate to be a performer Princess Jasmina began belly dancing gypsy style at every family event. So much so that for her fourteenth birthday her aunties purchased her her very first tailor-made belly dance costume. It was around this time that Princess Jasmina decided that she wanted to learn more. She began having her first lessons with a Lebanese woman who taught her the basics. From then on her passion and determination had led her to learn from various teachers in the Turkish, Lebanese, Arabic and Greek communities.

Princess Jasmina was personally requested by Turkey’s Leading Superstar Percussion Band HAREMDE (HAREM) to perform with them on their Australian Tour as the leading Improvisational Belly Dance Artist ( having no rehearsals with them whatsoever). Princess Jasmina of Melbourne has also been featured on Australian Television-The FOOTY SHOW & Bollywood films including the South Indian film: Thirutthu Payale & Aridhu Aridhu . She has regular requests to star in Festivals, International Charities and Five Star International Resorts in Egypt and Dubai. She was also a star guest performer, requested by the Legendary Balkan Gypsy King of the Clarinet-Ferus Mustafov.

She pays particular concerns to establishing and achieving very high standards in both her belly dance classes and teaching style. She is an understanding, unconditionally giving individual and specialises in encouraging every pupil’s belly dance learning process with efficient technical exercises and rigorous movement tasks that are challenging and enjoyable at the same instance. Her aims are directed at achieving optimum technical progress in one’s dance skills, refined mental and physical control, belief and confidence in oneself, and most importantly a recognition of total emancipation through the liberation and freedom of one’s inner self –expression

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