Belly Dancing Costumes: Making your own belly dance bra

30th March 2016

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One of the fun things when you’re into belly dancing is the making of your own costumes. Nothing beats a personalized belly dancing costume that unleashed the inner seamstress in you.

So for now, we will talk about making your own belly dance bra.

Selecting a bra. The first you should be sure of is your bra size. If you are not sure about your size, you can have yourself measured by the sales associated in your friendly lingerie store. Get your right size and try on a bunch of different bras – look for ones that look especially flattering on you. Don’t go for a specific color, you’re going to cover and embellish it later on.

Make sure the bra cups are stiff and they shouldn’t be too soft as they will collapse the moment you start embellishing your belly dance bra with crystals and semi-precious stones, if you like. Choose a bra with removable straps. This is so that if you decided to do a crisscross or halter-neck style bra, you can easily go on about it.

After deciding on which bra to have, the next thing you should do is covering your bra with cotton or something that feels similar to cotton. Stray away from chiffon and shiny fabrics that tend to slip a lot. You can also layer fabrics if you like. This will give your belly dance bra more texture and personality.

When you’ve cut off your straps, added new straps and covered your bra, you’re ready to begin embellishing your belly dance bra. This is the fun part. You can be as creative as you can. It is recommended though that you sew your embellishments and not just glue them with a glue gun. Try out new patterns and see which ones you like the most. Sew on sequins, beads, and whatever you want on a piece of fabric then transfer it to your bra when you’re satisfied with your design.

Try on your bra every step of the way. Don’t assume that it fits well! Sometimes small alterations have to be done, and it’s best to catch it every time you finish a step, rather than realizing it at the end when it’s all done!

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