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Princess Jasmina is currently one of the hottest most highly sought after belly dancing artists this industry has to offer. Excitingly youthful, respectfully innovative and sizzling with commanding presence are but only few of the immediate impressions emanating from herpoetic and invigorating art form. Her energetic flair and thrilling savagery, her romantic sensuality and truthful mysticism so timelessly portrayed in her belly dancing have continued to rock and shock onlooking audiences from all walks of nationalities, customs and traditions.

Princess Jasmina’s hypnotic charm and entrancing sex appeal together with her stylistic mastery, elegance and refined dancing skills continue to enchant and seduce admirers relentlessly regardless their gender and age. She is one of the most craved, most insatiably desired temperamental lionesses of belly dance who ceaselessly provokes and enthralls audiences till they are entirely struck and mesmerized with awe, envy and profound admiration. She is one of the raved-about prodigies both locally and abroad especially amongst critics, connoisseurs, fans and admirers and her applauses are far-reaching.

Princess Jasmina is the ideal artist for every professional event and occasion! She’s excitingly fast, appealing and sensual, romantic and elegant and her notable years of performing and teaching experience, her artistic commitment, together with the expressive gifts and technical skills that embroider and colour her performances drive her to exceed all limited boundaries and expectations. She is undisputedly one of the most highly respected “PRINCESSES” of belly dancing by popular demand!

Her natural physical beauty and vast ranges of colourful costumes united with her vivid dance style have merged as the perfect formula for evoking deeply mixed reactions from audience admirers. She is especially acknowledged and praised for her use of extensive imagination and creativity while equally commended as a most captivating, emotional artist whose expression and interpretation reels and influences viewers to experience the ultimate nostalgic encounter of real true-to-life feelings and emotions.

Princess Jasmina never fails to respect this art by incorporating stylistic elements of traditional belly dance into her work. She visualises herself as an artist and sustains thatbelly dance is founded on beauty, freedom and love and perceives and acknowledges the conviction: Art can only co-exist with truth!

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